How we started


This business started as a cottage industry in 2003 . Catering to individuals for parties, weddings and holidays with our famous mouth watering Dhalpourie and Paratha roti.  Since opening in March of 2006, West Indian Flavour which is located in the East Baltimore neighborhood, has earned the respect of the local community , including rave reviews for our doubles and roti which include chicken, goat, shrimp, beef and vegetarian .  A dish that is referred to as the pride of Trinidad and Tobago .

I decided to focus on our West Indian Cuisine because we felt that the American palate was extremely refined and we did not need to tone our food down.  As a result, it turns out every body loves it .  West Indian Flavour open it's second restaurant in the Park Heights Ave neighborhood catering to very diverse clientele .  We taste every food item on the menu to ensure the quality of what we are putting on your plate , so you never loose the opportunity to experience Authentic Caribbean Cuisine.